GC/MS. 5977A GC/MSD System
This includes an Extractor Ion Source; Instrument Detection Limit (IDL); Heated Gold Quadrupole; Triple-Axis Detector (TAD); GCMSD Mass-Hunter data analysis workflow, with MSD ChemStation Data; integrated GC-MSD Communication that produces accurate mass data.
Purification System
It enhances detection capabilities with an integrated evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD). In addition to UV or UV-Vis detection for absorbing compounds, the ELSD detects compounds with little or no chromophores such as carbohydrates, steroids, and lipids.
Flash chromatography
The CombiFlash Rf+ improves productivity in purifying synthetic compounds, natural products, peptides, or polymers.
With operating pressures up to 200 psi (13.8 bar), it is compatible with both normal and reversed phase purification conditions.
Microwave Discover SP-D CEM
Discover SP-D Automation Options Discover SP-D's autosamplers feature Intelligent Rack Design, which automatically recognizes vessel size.
Waters Premier liquid chromatograph coupled time-of-flight mass spectrometer (HPLC/MS-TOF) with (ESI), electrospray ionization, that applies a strong electric field that nebulizes and desolvates the sample, and with high temp. produces gas phase ions. Flows 1µl-1ml/min.
In situ FTIR Reaction Analysis (Mettler-Toledo)
A system to "in situ" monitoring chemical reactions by FTIR.
It provides diamond and silicon probes, adaptable to laboratory chemical reactors with volumes ranging from 1 mL to 6 liters.
MiniMapper, liquid handling and synthesis (Mettler-Toledo)
A computer controlled platform for liquid additions. It is configured to adapt liquid phase and solid phase parallel reaction blocks: 6 x 50 mL, 12 x 25 mL, 24 x 10 mL and 48 x 2 mL (liquid phase) and 12 x 14 mL and 24 x 7 mL (solid phase).
UV-Visible (CARY 200) spectrophotometer
It analyzes compounds in the ultraviolet (UV) and visible (Vis) regions, looking at electronic transitions. You determine either the concentration of a sample or the molar absorptivity.
NMR 400 MHz (Bruker)
1.- BBI (broadband inverse) 5 mm probe, for observation of nuclei in the interval 1H/31P-109Ag. Deuterium lock, Z gradients and auto tuning and matching.
2.- BACS auto sampler for 60 samples.
3.- Gradient system.
HPLC Waters
FTIR (Jasco 4200)
Max res.: 0.5 cm-1; S/N ratio: 30,000:1
The FT/IR-4200 offers excellent resolution and sensitivity levels, for solid and gaseous samples.
An ATR unit (Attenuated Total Reflectance) provides an effective alternative to KBr pellets espectra, for the IR analysis of powders. It uses a non-destructive method and able with a minimal amount of sample.
Vacuum-Gas Distributor
Easy click and secure junction valve.
Polarimeter Jasco P-1020
The Polarimeter enables to measure chiral compounds over a range of concentrations.
Immersion Cooler Haake EK-90 (-100 ºC)
Equipped with an air-cooling circuit, is suitable for individual cooling applications (smaller volumes), removing reaction heat or replacing tap water cooling.
Solvent purification system Pure Solv 400
A solvent is pushed under low nitrogen pressure through two stainless steel columns containing activated alumina and copper, removing traces of water and oxygen, producing dry, deoxygenated solvent. The processed solvent can be dispensed, under nitrogen, using syringes.
Compact Glove Boxes
Designed specifically for use when weighing hazardous materials that must be contained, glove boxes provide cleanliness, safety, portability, and a draft-free atmosphere.