All the best for our group leader, and viva la paella!!

Summer course of another kind... Paleotraining-Vigo, Pablo & Chinto

Oviedo always worths a visit, also to improve adquired skills.

Bilbao sessions for young (and very young) researchers:

Anniversaries come and go. Recreation+food heals body and soul alike

Copenhagen 2014:

Carnival 2014:

who is this people?

La Toja, a beautiful place

also to run a Congress.

Santander has plenty space to relax, after the sessions

31may2013, now Dr. Leticia Otero. Best wishes!!

Intense and joyful moments we've shared; including Celta avoiding relegation.

Training School, COST Action TD0905 20-25th may 2013 (Rome)

Apart from presentations, Rome deserves a long walk, ruins and monuments.

Carnival 2013(Galicia)

another organic cow and a beautiful clown...but can you find Wallety?,
does devil wear Prada?. A truly weird group.

oddly enough, if animated. Gonna be tired for work.

ICIQ Summer school 2012, Tarragona (Spain)

Gabi, Claudio and Leticia in Tarragona, presumably.

Carnival 2012(Spain)

chemthieves got the organic cow.

RSEQ 32nd biannual meeting, 25-28th July 2011. Valencia (Spain)

Noelia F., Patricia G., relax at night, work at day.

WATOC 9th triennial congress, 17-22th July 2011. Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Adan P., magestic solitude.

ESOC 2011, 17th Symposium, 10-15th July, Crete (Greece)

Marta D, Belén V. and Susana A., exploring the sunny side of congress location.

12th Tetrahedron Symposium, 21-24th June 2011. Sitges (Spain)

Leticia O., Gabriel D., but, where is he beach?

6th Biannual Balticum Organicum Syntheticum (BOS-2010). Riga (Latvia)

The group on holidays... and some poster sessions