Teléfonos de Emergencias. Wikipedia.
   INSTITUTO de TOXICOLOGIA. Tel. Urgencias: (+34) 91 562 04 20. Horario: 24 h
   ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Control) en Español
   Toxicology data network
   International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs), select language
   Fichas Internacionales de Seguridad Química (FISQ) en Español. Nombre, CAS, etc


  Centro de supercomputación de Galicia. CESGA.
  International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC
  The Scripps Research Institute


 Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS
 Organic Compounds Database
 C-13 Chemical Shifts - Desplazamientos químicos de C-13
 NIST Chemistry WebBook
 Cambridge Chrystallographic Data Centre, CCDC
 Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry
 Protein Data Bank, PDB
 National Centre for Biotechnology Information - Pub Med
 ST NetWatch. Assorted resources, acomplished by Science Signaling editors
 Pressure-Temperature Nomograph
 Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
 IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology - the Gold Book


  Buffer Preparation Guide
  Periodic Table. Multi-language, multi-purpose...
  Demystifying Synthetic Organic Laboratory Technique.
  David Evans. Advanced and Elementary Organic Chemistry Problems.
  Organic Chemistry Pratice Problems. Questions.
  Steven A. Hardinger. Organic Chemistry Tutorials, SCF & Pratice Problems.
  Chemistry Webercises Directory
  Bordwell pKa Table (Acidity in DMSO)


  Interesting blog about NMR analysis sw Mnova from   MESTRELAB
  To understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.
  Foldit. Solve puzzles for science.
  Deep View - Swiss PDB Viewer
  Visual Molecular Dynamics, VMD